Pain in abdomen with fever & Renal Cyst

Pain in abdomen with fever & Renal Cyst

Name : XXXXX

Age/Sex : 40 yrs/M

Add : Muzaffarnagar,  U.P

Occupation: Carpenter

Marital Status : Married since 18 yrs


Pain in abdomen with fever since 7days


Patient was apparently well 7 days back when he suddenly developed fever in night and same morning he developed pricking type of  pain in right lumbar region n hypogastrium.

< lying on opposite side, night, before and during micturition

>After micturition, pressure on opposite side

Fever: temp.101 deg F with severe chills which persisted for 4-5 hours aqnd heat stage for 2-3 hours  and no sweat stage. During all stages the thirst was increased n there was desire for luke warm water.

<evening till midnight

Past History: No history of any major illness

Family History: nothing significant

Personal history: Addiction : NIL ,diet: non-veg, nothing significant

Physical Generals

Thermal Reaction: chilly

Appetite: normal

Thirst : 3 L/day, increased during fever for luke warm water

Stool: D1 N0, not satisfactory

Urine: D5-6, N5-6, burning before urination n patients screams during micturition, difficulty in beginning of urination

Sleep: disturbed due to pain

Desires: sweet

Aversion: pumpkin

Perspiration-very scanty

Mental Generals

General Physical Examination

Built:  Ectomorphic

Nutrition: poor

Pallor: present

Jaundice, cyanosis, clubbing, oedema: not present

Pigmentation: N

B.P.: 110/70 mm of Hg

Pulse: 82/min

Temp: 101 deg F

Tongue: furrowed and yellow coated

Systemic Examination: tenderness in hypogastrium and right lumbar region

Rest : NAD

Investigation done

Hb:12gm/dl, TLC:6700, DLC: P58 L38 E2 M2, ESR:56

Urine: protein :1+,WBC:50-80, Epithelial cells: 7-10, other cells: 0-1

Usg(16/8/11) :right renal cyst, sized  21 x 16.1mm

Usg KUB. Prostrate(20/8/11): NAD


19-20 Aug: cantharis 30/Qid, Chimaphilla Q/tds

21/8: Bell 30/1 dose stat,mag phos 6X

22/8: Bryonia 200/3doses/stat

23-28/8: Berb Vulgaris 30/Qid, Chimaphila Q and on 27th Bell 30/3 doses stat at 11 pm

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