Acne vulgaris


Is perhaps the remedy most often indicated in this affection, especially if chronic. The skin is rough and hard and the acne is associated with comedones and constipation;  great aggravation from water is the characteristic leading to Sulphur in skin affections. The acne punctata is the variety corresponding most nearly   to  Sulphur.  Simple  forms  yield  to   Belladonna   or Pulsatilla.

Acne rosacea yields to Arsenicum iodatum or Sulphur iodide.



Is another useful remedy in acne, especially in women with scanty menses  and  irregular circulation of blood. Other  remedies  for acne  dependent  on  sexual disturbances of  women  are  Calcarea carbonica and Aurum muriaticum natronatrum.


Kali bromatum 

Produces an acne on the face, neck and shoulders. We frequently find an acne in Epileptics who have been maltreated by bromides. This remedy is especially adapted  to the acne simplex and the acne indurata, especially in hyperaesthetic, nervous  females. Kali bromatum has been found a useful remedy in sexual excesses  it  will  be especially a remedy in acne  due  to  that cause.

Dr.  J.H.Clarke  says,  “I know  of  no  remedy  of  such universal  usefulness  in cases of simple acne as  Kali  bromatum 30,” and the late Dr.A.M. Cushing recommended Arsenicum  bromatum 4x as very efficacious.

Thuja is one of our best remedies for acne facialis.

Calcarea  picrata is also a useful  remedy  for  acne; clinically  it has been found one of the good remedies.

Calcarea sulphurica is indicated where the pimples suppurate.


Antimonium crudum 

Small  red  pimples  on  face, acne  in  drunkards  with  gastric derangements,thirst    and   white-coated   tongue.    Antimonium tartaricum.  Obstinate cases, with tendency to  pustulation,  are  curable with this remedy. Berberis aquifolium is useful where the skin  is  rough and the acne persistent. Natrum  muriaticum  acts especially on thesebaceous glands, and is a very helpful  remedy in  acne.In this affection attention must be directed  especially to the patient’s type, temperament and tendencies and the general symptoms are far mores important than the local ones.

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