It is an acute diarrhoeal disease.

Agent : Vibrio cholera.

Mode of transmission :    ·   Contaminated water

  • Contaminated food and drink
  • Direct contact

Incubation period : Few hours to 5 days.


STAGE OF EVACUATION : Profuse painless watery diarrhea.

STAGE OF COLLAPSE : Signs of dehydration, sunken eyes, hollow cheeks, scaphoid abdomen, subnormal temp, Washerman’s hand, pulse absent.

STAGE OF RECOVERY : Patient begins to show signs of clinical improvement.


  • Stool examination
  • Examination of vomitus
  • Examination of water sample
  • Examination of food sample


SEVERELY DEHYDRATED : comprise of 10% patient who require IV fluid. They should be taken to a nearby hospital as they have lost a large amount of water.

MILDLY DEHYDRATED : Comprise of 90% should be treated at home. Oral rehydration therapy is given.



  • Verification of disease by various lab investigations
  • Notifiable disease
  • Early case finding – whether the case is mild, moderate or severe.
  • Establishment of treatment centre
  • Rehydration therapy
  • Sanitary measures to be adopted
  • Potable water to be used
  • Proper excreta disposal
  • Food should be kept under strict hygienic conditions
  • Concurrent disinfection must be employed
  • Health education

–    effectiveness of ORS

–    food hygiene practice

–    benefits of cooked food


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