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The word “Homeogram” is a Greek suffix that is often used in English to mean “Homeopathy Sciences which is written down or recorded instantly” like “Telegram” (Instant message from far away), “Phonogram” (Instant recorded sound), “Instagram” (Instant Pictures).

By this idea we developed Homeogram which is a consumer health informative and online Homeopathy consultation platform that was launched in 2018 by the doctors of Homeogram, which provide easy-to-read, in-depth, authoritative medical information for consumers and various channels to contact our doctors instantly.

Headquartered in Gurugram, India, Homeogram is revolutionizing the Homeopathy industry by offering access to affordable, convenient, on-demand and secure web-based healthcare. Homeogram, combines proven telemedicine technologies with business model innovations to improve access to medical providers, reduce healthcare costs, and make the experience of seeing a healthcare provider convenient, enjoyable, and affordable – the way it should be!

Our Team

Homeogram has had a highly accomplished, uniquely experienced team of qualified executives in the fields of Homeopathy, Healthcare, Internet technology, and Business to bring the most comprehensive, sought-after information, health and well-being.


To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by delivering trusted Telehealth solutions through integrated clinical practice, education and research.


We want to become most trusted ally in pursuit of health and well-being through compassionate care and innovation.

How did we get here?

We asked, what do people really want when it comes to health care? We took our aggregate decades of health and technology expertise, our business acumen, and the experience we’ve gained from serving and surveying hundreds of people and hundreds of doctors over the years, and came to three major conclusions:

People want a completely trustworthy source of health and wellness advice

It has to come from the most knowledgeable and trustworthy experts. That means doctors. Nobody else will do.

When people want help with their health, they want it immediately

That means getting help when you need it—not at someone else’s convenience. No waiting.No excuses.

People want health
advice to be completely

Forget generalized information. You need a doctor to hear your questions, consider your symptoms, examine your records, for the help to be truly and utterly helpful.

Health seekershave made us the fastest growing health information site.

Over thousands people turn to Homeogram every month.

Whether you’re here to learn more about a health condition, research a medication, consult a doctor or get some nps for a healthier lifestyle, you’re in the right place. You will find content that’s informative, easy to understand, and engaging.

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